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Become Your Own Makeup Expert

Learn the techniques and necessary tools to look your best for any occasion with the benefits of your own products at home or with professional brand products. Whether your prefer the one on one experience or a group interaction, these makeup lessons are hands on, fun and informative. Renee has developed different lessons geared per each individual or group depending on desired topic. Every lesson can be designed and suited to suit fit your style, focusing on your facial features or concerns. We ensure to incorporate new colour combinations, techniques with tools that will help navigate, improve or simply refresh your desired look or end result.


Tips, tricks, must do's and don'ts with suggestions are noted on your designed face chart as a reminder of the lesson. Fabulous to pin on your bathroom mirror for practice!



Customize your mini lesson and concentrate on specific areas of the face. Focus on a few facial feature at a time is an advantage with a mini lesson because you can practice your knowledge at your own pace and chances are you will perfect this ability without being overwhelmed. Whether you may need guidance with Eye, Contour, Cheek, Face, Brow or Lip techniques. You choose what you need or want! This allows you to focus on the specific areas you may need guidance with or simply to add new trends to your image or lifestyle. Want to add multiple mini lessons by selecting your dates? Inquire for special rates.



Your own private lesson will help you create a new makeup routine that bests suits you and your lifestyle. This lesson is hands on and is instructed with appropriate makeup products and tools needed to create a simple, yet beautiful Day into Evening look. You will gain confidence with your new knowledge and skills while having fun. The benefits of a personalized makeup lesson is to help navigate your inventory from your existing makeup collection by eliminating old products as well as advising which ones to keep or invest to improve your daily routine. 



Achieve an unforgettable makeup for your wedding day you will love! Be camera ready with compatible makeup products by stylizing your own makeup like a pro, knowledge will be gained and remain with you for years to come. This private bridal lesson puts you in charge of your own ability to be the best version of yourself on one of the most memorable day of your life. As an addition to simplify your lesson we help navigate you with product choices to invest for your bridal makeup collection. Gain control, be confidant and achieve the image you always wanted!We provide products, tools needed during the lesson. Our guidance will be reminded on a designed face chart to allow you to recreate step by step.

During Your Lesson

During your private lesson you can expect the categorized outline below as a reference. We are flexible to meet your desires for your abilities to an unforgettable makeup, and gladly can customize the lesson by personal preference if need be. Looking forward to exploring your features one step at a time!

Lessons range in time and rates, see below for details. 

Intro Brushes / Facial Features

Colour Correcting / Camouflaging

Foundation / Powder Formula

​​Highlight / Contour / Cheeks​

Colour Combination & Textures

Techniques / Blending


Makeup Lessons | Beau Backstage Makeup | Fredericton New Brunswick Canada

Eye  / Brow Shaping

Eye Lining / Liners

Mascara / False Lash 

Lip shape / Lining

Face Charts Design

Wish List / Product Orders




Mini Lesson $165.00 - 1.5hr

Personal Lesson $285.00 - 3hr

Bridal Lesson $285.00 - 3hr

Group Lesson $130.00 / Face - 4hr

Additional Hourly Rate $95.00


Bridal Workshop $ 135.00 / Face - 3hr

Home / Group Workshop $145.00/ Face - 4hr

Product Workshop $125.00 / Face - 3.5hr

Ticket Event Workshop $45.00 / Ticket

Additional Hourly Rate $95.00

Group Workshop 

Corporate / Special Event 

Host an informative custom workshop or makeup tutorial for the women in your office for your event. Whether its to guide you with the latest trends or a time effective makeup routine, this interactive hands on class will complete your professional look.


Home Group Workshop 

Host Event

Host an intimate group of friends and family for a fun unique night of makeup knowledge and share the day to experience together. Getting creative with makeup and learn the latest trends in beauty and style while guests can sip and enjoy appetizers. Practice the tips, tricks of the trade in the comfort of your home.

Product Workshop 

Trends & Combinations

Acquire the latest trends in makeup while gaining knowledge on their benefits for your skin type. Host or attend a private workshop amongst others, experimenting with product textures, colour combinations, as we educate the use and benefits as well as creative. Kick back and play with makeup! Redeemable in professional products. 

Event Workshop
Tickets & Location

Our specialized ticketed makeup events vary throughout our four seasons at different locations in Atlantic Canada. Be connected through our social network and Special Event Page.